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An Artful Shade Garden - Long and Narrow

Doug and Barbara Henderson faced a challenge when they started gardening on their property on Green Bay. It was long, narrow and steep all the way down to the lake. But by combining shade plants, found objects and glass art, they created a garden worth visiting. Their narrow, steep property is now a haven for hostas and art.

Out of the Ashes: Reclaiming a Junkyard

In Mineral Point in southwest Wisconsin, visit a true garden oasis where an auto salvage yard once existed.  Where once there were old gas tanks the owners now grow blueberries. Talk about problem solvers.

Vertical Gardening

At Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville look to the sky for some vertical gardening inspiration.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

Visit our neighbors to the south to see what is considered one of the premier Japanese gardens in North America, Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Ill.

A Memory Garden

Travel to Somerset to visit a beautiful waterfall garden created by Richard and Darlene Hinke in memory of their daughter Lynn.

Giant Terra Cotta Sculptures

In a private garden in Sturgeon Bay, 13 foot tall people made out of terra cotta garden pots tower over a delightful hidden gem of a garden, complete with a sunken picnic area, pond and more.  Even the terra cotta French poodle is happy there.

Water Permeable Driveways

An important way to conserve water and to protect our lakes and streams is to reduce storm water run-off.  Concrete and asphalt driveways are one of the biggest culprits.   A new solution is water permeable concrete.  We’ll look at three different kinds of eco-driveways that reduce water run-off.

Beautiful Outhouse Gardens: When Life Gives You Lemons. . .

Visit the historic Village of Cooksville where even outhouses are cherished and have become the focal point of  elegant gardens.

An Old Fashioned Country Garden

Discover why Richard Kilmer uses old-fashioned plants like clove currant and fern-leaf peonies to expand his family's gardens and create a lovely country garden. This Wonewoc garden is also home to chickens and a wildflower pigpen.

The Gardens of Epic

Although enjoyed by over 5000 people, the gardens of Epic are actually private.  These incredible gardens, including waterfall, moat, and prairie, were created for the employees and visitors to Epic headquarters in Verona.  Makes going to work in the morning something to look forward to!


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