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Bog Gardens and Trees

Visit Olbrich Gardens in Madison where horticulturist Jeff Epping talks about plants that thrive in wetness. He displays some bog gardens with carnivorous pitcher plants.

Designing and Planting with Bulbs

Horticulturist Christian Harper teaches Shelley Ryan how to use a soil probe to plant blubs. The probe makes it easy to plant through turf or meadow without crawling on the ground.


In Blanchardville, Shelley Ryan and Larry Cadman explore some beautiful, hardy varieties of magnolias. Many are suitable for Wisconsin's climate despite their Southern inclinations

Mexican Day of the Dead

Learn about the Day of the Dead at Madison Children's Museum. Marigold's play an important role in this Mexican tradition. UW professor Lydia Zepeda and Monica Bazan, a member of the UW Mexican Association teaches viewers about the significance of marigolds to the Day of the Dead.

Gardening With Ferns and Moss

While many gardeners combat moss in their yards, Janesville's Rotary Gardens devote an entire garden to moss and ferns. Mark Dwyer explains why moss can actually be desirable and looks at some favorable ferns.

Growing Plant Communities

At Northwind Perennial Farm in Lake Geneva, Roy Diblick is an advocate of successful gardening through plant communities and plant relationships. Find out how it all works and get tips on how to garden according to personal time commitments.

Mushroom Gardening

Take a look at mushroom gardening with an expert from Peshtigo. Joe Krawczyk says it's easy and mushrooms are a perennial crop.

Cutback Trees and Shrubs

At Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Director of Horticulture Jeff Epping shows us how and why some trees and shrubs actually benefit from being cut back to the ground every couple years and explains the basics of cutback pruning technique. At Olbrich Gardens, willows and locusts are good examples of cutback pruning.

Identifying Wild Parsnip

UW-Extension Horticulture Educator Lisa Johnson describes what dangers Wild Parsnip presents to human and native plants and how to combat it.

West Madison Agricultural Research Station

Shelley Ryan previews new plants with Judy Reith-Rozelle at the West Madison Agricultural Research Station. Perennials include a large selection of ornamental grasses, shade and sun plants and natives. Also on trial are heirloom tomatoes, new herbs and sunflowers, raspberries, grapes. A working wheelchair-accessible garden is also on display. The station is open year-round, from dawn 'til dusk.


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