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A Tribute to Ed Hasselkus

Nationally known teacher and plantsman, Ed Hasselkus is Professor of Horticulture and Curator a the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Arboretum. His greatest contribution has been years of evaluating trees and shrubs so Wisconsinites grow only the best and healthiest.

Creating A Tropical Garden For Wisconsin

From inside the Thai Pavilion at Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Jeff Epping explains how to create a hardy tropical garden in Wisconsin backyards.

Rain Gardens

John Gishnock of Broadhead's Applied Ecological Services explains how rain gardens decrease water run-off. He shows viewers how to create and maintain the native plant-populated gardens then create beauty in all four seasons.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Janesville Rotary Gardens Horticulturist Mike Maddox demonstrates how the cold season is the perfect time to prune trees and shrubs.

Visit A Native American Garden

Shelley Ryan visits the Tsyunhehkwa Project in Oneida, learning about the importance of specific plants to the Onieda Native American nation.

Gardening in the Dark

Although he is completely blind, Charlie Anderson has a passion for horticulture and gardening. He shares his story with Shelley Ryan and explains how he enjoys plants without seeing them.

A New Way to Plant Trees

Dane County Horticulture Educator Lisa Johnson says the rules have changed.  There is a new and better way to plant trees.

Hot Plants for the Garden

We travel to Songsparrow Farm and Nursery in Avalon to see what's new and hot in trees and shrubs. Roy Klehm shares his new favorite woody plants for the garden. He emphasizes colorful foliage and a variegated redbud.

Growing Lettuce

Judy Reith-Rozelle of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Experimental Farms explains the importance of soil temperature when planting lettuce.

Unusual Clematis

Shelley Ryan meets a rock gardener growing more than 25 varieties of clematis in all shapes and sizes. Venerable clematis, which often bears large purple flowers, is a plant that has long been valued by those looking for a showy, height-seeking garden dweller.


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