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Thatch, Compaction and Shade

Join UW-Madison Soil Scientist Wayne Kussow as he explores the best methods for keeping your soil and lawn healthy.

New Sunflowers for 1997

Take a look at some of the new varieties of sunflowers growing in the test plots of the Jung Seed Company.  Leanne Gensh shows off the Autumn Beauty, Floristan, Music Box, and Pancino varieties.

Lawn Establishment

Join Dr. Frank Rossi, UW-Extension turfgrass specialist, as he explains how to seed your lawn and why you should plan on doing so between August 15 and September 15.

Dividing Perennials

Divide your perennials in the spring for best results. Master Gardener Ann Munson demonstrates how to successfully separate the plants.

The Before Picture/Site Analysis

Join Evelyn Howell, professor of Landscape Architecture at UW-Madison as she discusses site analysis--the very first step of garden design.

Digging and Storing Tender Bulbs

Store your tender bulbs over the winter.  Jeff Epping from Olbrich Botanical Gardens explains which bulbs should be dug up, when you should dig and how to store the bulbs so they can be replanted in the spring.

Making Your Own Living Wreath

Sue Steinmann of Arena Designs shows us how to make a living wreath from succulent plants with as few as 40 cuttings.

Putting the Perennial Garden to Bed

Join Dane County Master Gardener Ann Munson as she reviews some fall tasks that will benefit your garden and help it to survive a Wisconsin winter.

Renovating a Perennial Bed

Travel to the Rotary Gardens in Janesville.  Executive Director Kim Emerson explains how dividing plants and improving soil rejuvenates established perennial beds.

Pesticide Storage And Disposal

Learn how to properly handle pesticides.  Karen Delahaut explains the correct way to store and dispose of  pesticides used in the garden and in the home.


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