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Non-native Shade Plants

Join Madison gardener Jean Rideout in her lush shade garden featuring hostas, tiarella, epimedium, begonia and pulmonaria.

How and Why to Test Your Soil

Join UW-Extension Soils Specialist Sherry Combs to learn how to test soil and how to compost properly.

Indoor Herbs

Discover how to take slips, or cuttings, from plants in your garden to grow herbs indoors during the winter.

Native Shade Plants

Tour horticulture professor Dennis Stimart's native woodland garden. Highlights include trillium, virginia bluebell, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, bloodroot and bellwort.

Choosing a Conifer for Year Round Interest

Enhance your landscape by giving it life and color during the long winter months.  Dr. Ed Hasselkus introduces us to varieties of dwarf  and full size conifers that do well in the Wisconsin climate.

Ornamental Crabs

Learn how to choose an ornamental crabapple tree.  Dr. Ed Hasselkus explains the importance of fruiting qualities, disease resistance, shape and size.

Fertilizing Basics

Learn what the terms top dress, side dress and broadcast mean in reference to fertilizing your garden.  UW-Extension's Soil Scientist Sherry Combs explains how you should add nutrients to your garden.

No-Mow Mix

Learn about alternatives to a traditional manicured lawn from Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery.  Slow growing, draught resistant fine fescues are environmentally friendly and require little maintenance.

Lilacs for Wisconsin Gardeners

Narrow down the numerous choices of lilacs and choose the right one for your garden.  Master Gardener Pat Connors offers tips to help you decide what will work best in your yard.

Good Garden Web Sites

Choose your seeds for spring planting using online gardening websites.  Master Gardener Doris Kissler reviews some of her favorite gardening sites.


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