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Forcing Branches

Bring spring into your home in the middle of winter by forcing branches into bloom.

Preparing a Soil Bed

Cover the ground with newspaper and add garden waste to create a soil bed.  Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery demonstrates how to prepare a soil bed without digging.

Getting Tools Ready for Spring

Meet with Horticulturist Dr. Astrid Newenhouse and learn about how to care for our garden tools with cleaning and sharpening. Find out why it's important to keep them in good shape.

Prunning Ornamental Shrubs

Prune when the knife is sharp!  Join  UW Arboretum naturalist Ken Wood to learn how to prepare your shrubs for the new growing season.

Native Prairie Plants for Birds

Discover a great diversity of colors, textures, and heights with Neil Diboll, president of Prairie Nursery near Westfield.

Making a Topiary

Train or prune a plant to get a specific shape.   Sue Steinmann, owner and operator of Sand City Gardens in Arena, provides guidelines for topiary beginners.

Bringing Tender Plants Indoors

Stop insects from hitching a ride inside when you bring in your house plants at the end of the summer.  Laurie Weiss, Milwaukee County Extension horticulturist, talks about how to keep your house plants and tender perennials healthy.

Shade Tolerant Shrubs

Learn the correct planting methods as UW-Extension horticulturist Astrid Newenhouse plants a shade tolerant virburnum.

Planting Asparagus

UW-Extension Horticulture Educator Lisa Johnson shows how easy it is to plant asparagus by adhering to a few basic rules. She explains that bare root asparagus is best planted in spring with the roots pointing down in a six-inch trench. Johnson also recommends choosing male plants, which produce more spears. Good varieties include Jersey Night, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Prince and Purple Passion.

Hardy Roses

Take a look at hardy roses that don't need any winter protection even in Wisconsin's challenging climate. Meet Dr. Ed Hasselkus, Professor of Horticulture for the UW-Madison who introduces such plants as rugosa roses and hardy climbers.


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