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Organic Gardening at Nugensis Farm

Near Delafield at NuGenesis Farm, we get an update on the latest organic gardening techniques for the home gardener. Erin Silva shows us how to prevent fungal diseases while eating healthy ourselves.

Lasagna Gardening

Lone Rock, Wisconsin master gardener volunteer Roger Reynolds teaches the fine art of lasagna gardening. No, it does not involve pasta, but your garden will thank you for it!

Fixing a Pruning Nightmare

UW-Extension Horticultural Educator Mike Maddox takes pity on a Madison homeowner and saves his backyard landscape by repairing a pruning job gone bad. Learn how NOT to prune shrubs and how to fix the problem if it’s already too late.

Gardening Books for Kids

Share your love of gardening with your children.  Jim Bennett, Master Gardener, book reviewer and parent, presents his favorite gardening books for kids.

Prairie Plants for Clay

Wisconsin is "blessed" with lots of clay soil.  It's high in fertility and retains moisture well, but not all plants thrive in it. We visit the UW Green Bay campus where Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery shows us a group of prairie plants that just love clay.

Composting Basics

Lone Rock, Master Gardener volunteer Roger Reynolds builds the perfect compost pile and shares the secrets to his success.

Basics of Gardening with Kids

Visit the Children’s Garden in Green Bay.  Barbara Heike, director of the summer program at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens, discusses the gardens the children are tending and the tools they’re using.

How Not to Plant Trees

UW-Extension Plant Pathologist Brian Hudelson fesses up to drowning his own tree and shares other common tree-planting mistakes including strangulation, creating mulch volcanoes, and the right and wrong way to water trees and shrubs.

Creating A Garden For Butterflies

Ina Lukas, one of the owners of the Blooming Valley Nursery, shows how to create a habitat for butterflies. Providing food, water and shelter is the key. Plants of the milkweed genus, verbena bonariensis and butterfly bush serve as sources of food, while trees and grasses protect butterflies from extreme heat and sun during "roosting," the rest period that lasts for up to 14 hours each day.

Apple Trees/Planting Bare Root

Join Horticulturist Teryl Roper as he explains the basics of bare root planting and shows a variety of dwarf apple trees.


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