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Unusual Evergreens

Look at what's new and hot in the world of evergreens at Songsparrow Farm and Nursery in Avalon. Plant breeder Roy Klehm shares a great new assortment of evergreens for the garden.

Extending the Season/Creating Fall and Winter Interest

Extend the growing season in Door County's Bailey's Harbor with Caleb Whitney. Whitney shares some commerical landscape beds that are season appropriate. Learn which plants and flowers are best for the fall and winter.

Tree Peonies

Shelley Ryan travels to Avalon to learn about tree peonies and how to plant them with peony breeder Roy Klehm. Some tree peonies have blooms the size of dinner plates and they're quite hardy in Wisconsin. Favorites woody peonies include Lavender Grace, Garden of the Monastery and Toichi Ruby.

Growing Cover Crops

Horticulturist Dr. Astrid Newenhouse teaches viewers how to control weeds in the garden. She suggests using cover crops, which also are great for improving soil structure and increasing fertility.

New Insecticides For Gardeners

Discover new insecticides from UW-Madison Extension entomologist Phil Pellitteri. Insecticides based on plant oils include clove, peanut, soybean, wintergreen and sesame seed oils. Other products include Diatomaceous Earth, Spinosad, Neem oil and natural chemicals like piperonyl butoxide, pyrethrum and 2-phenylpropionate. Pellitteri also explains why a natural product isn't necessarily organic.

Ornamental Grasses

Join John Mather, greenhouse manager for the UW Madison Department of Horticulture as he explains how to grow ornamental grasses, the ultimate low maintenance plant.


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