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Celebrating Shelley Ryan

Celebrates the life of the beloved host and features favorite moments through the years.

What is Climate Change

What will thrive in tomorrow's gardens? University of Wisconsin-Madison climatologist Michael Notaro defines climate change and how it will likely affect gardening in Wisconsin.

Moss Roses: A Carefree Tough Annual

At Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, meet the tough and colorful annual — Moss Roses — that is the perfect solution for hot, dry locations.

Wisconsin's New Growing Zone Map

We talk about how climate change will affect the future for gardeners, but it's already here. Dr. Laura Jull introduces the new U.S.D.A. Plant Cold Hardiness Zone Map for Wisconsin from the D.C. Smith Greenhouse on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Out of the Ashes: Reclaiming a Junkyard

In Mineral Point in southwest Wisconsin, visit a true garden oasis where an auto salvage yard once existed.  Where once there were old gas tanks the owners now grow blueberries. Talk about problem solvers.

Understanding Soil pH: Acid vs. Alkaline Soils or Why My Sister's Rhododendrons Died

Soil scientist Doug Soldat takes the mystery out of soil pH and shows how to acidify soil, essential to growing rhododendrons and other acid loving plants in alkaline soils.

Drought: Short and Long Term Effects

Drought does far more than turn our lawns brown and crunchy. Severe drought has far-reaching impacts that can affect full-grown trees for years to come. Learn what to water, and what not to water, during a drought.

Know Your Site: The Right Plant for the Right Place

At a challenging yard in Oregon, Ed Lyon, director of Allen Centennial Gardens, shares his tips for planting the right plant in the right place.  He even has success under walnut trees!  We’ll also learn how to read a plant label.

Low Water Lawns

Many people think you need lots and lots of water to maintain a healthy green lawn.  Doug Soldat puts this myth to rest and shows how to minimize water usage and still have great looking green grass.

How to Buy Plants That Will Live!

Do you know how to tell which plants have a better chance of surviving in your back yard?  At the The Flying Pig in Algoma we’ll learn how to buy plants that will live in our specific growing conditions.


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