Four Seasons

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Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Janesville Rotary Gardens Horticulturist Mike Maddox demonstrates how the cold season is the perfect time to prune trees and shrubs.

Fall and Winter Containers

In Green Bay, Jan Wos shows how to create wonderful container gardens for fall and winter. His motto is, "If it doesn't move, plant it." Wos has personally filled a grand piano, gold bags and suitcases with riots of plants. In this segment he tones it down a notch with more practical planting containers.

Colorful Winter Containers

On a visit to Björklunden Vid Sjön in Bailey's Harbor, Shelley Ryan learns how to create a winter wonderland garden from Caleb Whitney of Greenside Up Landscaping. Caleb creates whimsical garden theater with found objects and plants from the garden.

Hellebores For Spring

Mark Dwyer, Director of Horticulture at Rotary Gardens in Janesville, introduces hellebore, a hardy, early-blooming, beautiful perennial.


At Green Woman Herbs in Mineral Point, Shelley Ryan talks with owner Diane Bober who grows more than 27 varieties of rosemary. Bober shares tips for controlling insects and overwintering rosemary.

Indoor Woody Arrangements

Shelley Ryan learns how easy it is to create winter arrangements with plants and found objects from Ann Walker at Homeland Garden in Madison. Walker's creations include a bouquet of red popcorn, a miniature forest and a poinsettia vignette.

Garden Vignettes

Jim Wilson, co-owner of Winter Greenhouse in Winter, Wis., shows off his beautiful Zone 3 garden filled with plants like Pearl Achillea, Blue Dune Lyme grass, Marshall's Delight, Silver Queen Artemisia, Gloria Jean Yarrow and Summer Fairytale miniature rose.

A Northern Wisconsin Garden - Winter Greenhouse

Shelley tours the Winter Greenhouse with co-owner Jim Wilson. The Winter Greenhouse specializes in zone 3 plants that are long-lived, long-blooming, low maintenance. Favorite plants include phlox, Monks Head, Tiger Eye sumac, bee balm, coneflowers coreopsis and Veronica. Wilson also points out plants with strong fall color such as geranium and burning bush.

Extending the Season/Creating Fall and Winter Interest

Extend the growing season in Door County's Bailey's Harbor with Caleb Whitney. Whitney shares some commerical landscape beds that are season appropriate. Learn which plants and flowers are best for the fall and winter.

Outdoor Woody Arrangements

At Star Valley Flowers in Soldiers Grove, Phil Mueller shows Shelley how to create colorful winter containers with berries, flowers and branches. Favorite plants for winter displays include dogwoods, curly willow, Fantail Willow  (Salix sachalinensis), Giant Pussy Willow  (Salix chaenomeloides), Flame Willow (Salix willow) and Winterberry (Ilex verticillala).


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