Four Seasons

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Growing Orchids

Grow orchids as a respite to the winter blues.  John Mather, greenhouse manager for the UW-Madison Department of Horticulture explains how.

Trees and Shrubs With Fall Color

Explore the wide selection of trees and shrubs that create beautiful colors in the fall.

Trees and Shrubs That Attract Birds

Join UW-Madison Arboretum Naturalist Ken Wood to learn about trees and shrubs that bear fruit in the fall.

A Winter Landscape For Birds

Attract birds to your winter garden.  UW-Extension Wildlife Ecologist Scott Craven tells us how.

Winter Interest

Tour Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison with Jeff Epping to learn which plants will provide some visual interest in your garden in the winter time.

Forcing Bulbs

Force bulbs such as tulips and daffodils to bloom in the dead of winter.  Karen Johannsen from Johannsen's Greenhouse in Madison shares her secrets. Topics include bulbs, pots, the ideal storage temperature and which bulbs can be transplanted into the ground.

Early Spring Bloomers

Landscape manager Mark Dwyer takes viewers on a tour of Rotary Gardens in Janesville as it blooms in early spring. He suggests some reliable spring bloomers that can brighten the season, including blubs, and some underused trees and shrubs.

Creating A Tropical Garden For Wisconsin

From inside the Thai Pavilion at Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Jeff Epping explains how to create a hardy tropical garden in Wisconsin backyards.

Rain Gardens

John Gishnock of Broadhead's Applied Ecological Services explains how rain gardens decrease water run-off. He shows viewers how to create and maintain the native plant-populated gardens then create beauty in all four seasons.

Fall Decorating With Natural Materials

Celebrate harvest traditions by learning how to create a fall wreath at Monches Farm. Floral designer Johanna Klecker shows how to bring a little bit of the outdoors in even when the weather cools.


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