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Creating A Garden For Butterflies

Ina Lukas, one of the owners of the Blooming Valley Nursery, shows how to create a habitat for butterflies. Providing food, water and shelter is the key. Plants of the milkweed genus, verbena bonariensis and butterfly bush serve as sources of food, while trees and grasses protect butterflies from extreme heat and sun during "roosting," the rest period that lasts for up to 14 hours each day.

Outdoor Winter Pot Arrangements

Plant cold tolerant plants in your empty window box and enjoy them all winter.   Gary Shaw of Winterland Nursery in Fitchburg demonstrates how to turn an empty window box into a work of art.

Early Spring Indoor Bulbs

Force early blooming bulbs to flower indoors during the long winter.  Tibi Light shows how to create an early spring indoors.

Winter Protection for Roses

Help your roses survive Wisconsin winter with an advice from Bill Radler, rose breeder and former director of Boerner Botanical Gardens.

Cleaning up the Fruit Garden

Join UW-Extension Fruit Crop Specialist, Teryl Roper, to learn what  to do to prepare fruit trees and berries for the winter.

Putting the Vegetable Garden to Bed

Join Sharon Morrisey, UW-Extension home horticulture agent, as she demonstrates how to save time by composting in the garden.

Digging and Storing Tender Bulbs

Store your tender bulbs over the winter.  Jeff Epping from Olbrich Botanical Gardens explains which bulbs should be dug up, when you should dig and how to store the bulbs so they can be replanted in the spring.

Putting the Perennial Garden to Bed

Join Dane County Master Gardener Ann Munson as she reviews some fall tasks that will benefit your garden and help it to survive a Wisconsin winter.

Planting Peonies

Transplant peonies in their dormant state in the fall.  Dane County Extension Horticulturist Jim Schroder discusses the best way to handle the fast growing perennial.


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