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What is Climate Change

What will thrive in tomorrow's gardens? University of Wisconsin-Madison climatologist Michael Notaro defines climate change and how it will likely affect gardening in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's New Growing Zone Map

We talk about how climate change will affect the future for gardeners, but it's already here. Dr. Laura Jull introduces the new U.S.D.A. Plant Cold Hardiness Zone Map for Wisconsin from the D.C. Smith Greenhouse on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

New Insects on the Horizon Thanks to Climate Change

Climate change has already brought new insects to Wisconsin and altered current insect populations. University of Wisconsin-Extension entomologist Phil Pellitteri explains what else is coming and how it will affect our gardens.

New Weeds from the South

Climate change means new and stronger weeds. University of Wisconsin-Extension weed specialist Mark Renz shows how climate change will turn some of our existing weeds such as Canada thistle into super weeds. Plus, a look at some new weed threats from the south.

Drought: Short and Long Term Effects

Drought does far more than turn our lawns brown and crunchy. Severe drought has far-reaching impacts that can affect full-grown trees for years to come. Learn what to water, and what not to water, during a drought.

Summer Blooming Trees & Shrubs

Visit UW-Extension Woody Plant Specialist Dr. Laura Jull for a look at some of the trees and shrubs that bloom in the summer time.

Designing a Mixed Border

At Olbrich Gardens in Madison horticulturist Jeff Epping shows how rose gardens draw spectators year round.

Perennials with Late Season Interest

The days may be getting shorter but the growing season is far from over. Host Shelley Ryan travels to Rotary Gardens in Janesville to look at perennials and annuals that do not even reach their peak until fall.

Growing Late Season Veggies Using Germination Blankets

Travel to Middlebury Hills CSA Farm near Barneveld and learn about planting fall vegetables in warm weather using germination blankets.

Spring Blooming Landscape Plants

Visit with Ed Hasselkus, emertius professor of horticulture at UW-Madison, for a look at some of the spring-flowering trees and shrubs that can be planted in spring.


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