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Amazing Amaranths

Identify some of the more than sixty species of Amaranth with the help of Mark Dwyer of Rotary Gardens in Janesville.

Cooking with Ornamentals

Join Chef Rafe Montello from "We’re Cooking Now" as he prepares a Swiss chard and egg dish then glazes beets for a delicious, healthful meal.

Ornamental Peppers

Discover some of the best ornamental peppers.  Judith Reith-Rozelle, the assistant superintendent at the West Madison Ag Research Station, introduces us to her favorites--include foliage-rich Varingata and hot peppers Orange Thai and Poinsettia.

Time to Pick Apples!

Use skin color, firmness, and seed color to determine apple ripeness.  Extension Specialist Teryl Roper describes the science behind the ripening process and explains that, unlike apples, pears are picked when mature so that they can ripen off the tree. He also demonstrates the proper apple harvesting technique.

Medicinal Properties of Garlic

Learn about the health benefits of garlic with Anne Walker of Homeland Garden in Madison.

Plant a Row for the Hungry

Plant an extra row specifically to donate to your local food pantry.  Dane County Coordinator Janis Vandermeer talks about "Plant a Row for the Hungry", a special program sponsored nationally by Garden Writers Association of America and Home and Garden Television.

Heirloom Squashes and Pumpkins

We travel to Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa to sample some heirloom squashes and pumpkins. Diane Whealey teaches viewers all about heirloom plants and why it's so important to keep them.

Using Peppers and Herbs in Vinegar

In Neenah, visit Colleen's Tough Times Vinegars to explore peppers beyond the conventional use. Find out how to create flavored vinegars using peppers, herbs and even fruit.

Eat Your Dandelions!

Some people look at dandelions and think "weeds."  We look at these and think, "lunch!"

Growing Peppers

University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Horticulturist Jim Nienhuis shares his favorite peppers for Wisconsin and his passion for breeding them. He also reveals some pepper roasting secrets.


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