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Essential Herbs for the Garden

Join Sarah Raab at Olbrich Botanical Gardens to learn the basics for planting parsley, basil, chives, sage, rosemary, and lavender.

Vegetable Planting Basics

Plant eggplant, tomato, and pepper with UW Horticulturist Dr. Astrid Newenhouse.

Heirloom Apples

Take a closer look at Kenneth Weston's favorite heirloom apples: King David, Ashmeads' Kernel, Cornish Gilliflower, Strawberry Chenango, Apricot Apple.

Featured Herbs: Lovage and Sage

Step into the kitchen with Shelley as she prepares a dish using sage and lovage--a plant with a strong flavor much like celery.

Organic Apples (Pests in the Orchard)

Join UW-Extension Entomologist, Dan Mahr as he discusses the challenge of raising apples organically.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Join Steve Pincus of Tipi Produce in Fitchburg to learn about the benefits of organic gardening.

Ornamental Edibles

Discover plants that do double duty in the garden. They're beautiful in containers and in the ground - and you can eat them.

Garlic Mustard

Cynthia Harrington shares a strategy to assist backyard gardens that are being choked by an incredibly fast-moving invasive weed called garlic mustard. She suggests you eat it!

Pruning Grapes

Prune grapevines in early spring with and Phillipe Coquard at Wollersheim Winery in Sauk City.   Wine growers prune vines to maintain grape quality, to lengthen the vine’s life and to control the crop size. Coquard also shares planting and pruning tips for gardeners planting grapes at home.

Cooking With Amaranth

Join Mike Dwyer as he shares his recipes that use amaranth flour and seeds.


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