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Heirloom Vegetables

Visit the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa.  The focus of this organization is to save heirloom varieties of vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Herb Vinegars

Follow these instructions to make a simple herb vinegar.  Alyce Petlock Pauser of Alyce's Herbs in Madison shows us how.

Root Crops

Learn when to harvest root crops with Eau Claire County Extension horticulturist Susan Frame.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Join Tom Woods of Old World Wisconsin as he explains the benefits and challenges of growing heirloom vegetables.

Cooking With Asparagus

Oconomowoc Lake Club Executive Chef Jack Kaestner, a proponent of preparing recipes with fresh local produce, joins Shelley Ryan in the kitchen to cook fresh asparagus soup with wild leeks and morel mushrooms sautee in butter.

Planting Asparagus

UW-Extension Horticulture Educator Lisa Johnson shows how easy it is to plant asparagus by adhering to a few basic rules. She explains that bare root asparagus is best planted in spring with the roots pointing down in a six-inch trench. Johnson also recommends choosing male plants, which produce more spears. Good varieties include Jersey Night, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Prince and Purple Passion.

Indoor Herbs

Discover how to take slips, or cuttings, from plants in your garden to grow herbs indoors during the winter.

Growing Sprouts

Enjoy fresh sprouts and lentils you grow yourself.  Gil Frishman explains how sprouts are easy to grow almost anywhere, anytime.

Fruiting Houseplants

Perk up your winter with lemons you've grown indoors.  UW-Extension Fruit Crop Specialist Teryl Roper discusses indoor fruiting houseplants that you can grow at home.

Cleaning up the Fruit Garden

Join UW-Extension Fruit Crop Specialist, Teryl Roper, to learn what  to do to prepare fruit trees and berries for the winter.


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