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Buy Local: South Madison Farmers' Market

As Robert Pierce, the owner and manager of the South Madison Farmers' Market, puts it, everyone deserves to be able to purchase local, safe, organic food.  But, a farmers' market is more than that--it’s a safe place to gather, a place that focuses on community, nutrition and friendship.

How to Grow Food in a Burlap Bag

You don’t need a garden or even a pot to grow vegetables, all you need is a burlap bag.  Susan Richardson shares a wonderful project going on in the parking lot of the Appleton Salvation Army Food Pantry where people are learning to grow their own food in burlap bags.  It’s easy, it costs practically nothing and it works.

Eating Weeds

Join Dr. Astrid Newenhouse, UW-Extension horticulturist, to learn the benefits of eating weeds.  Add common purslane, dandelion and lambsquarter to your salads.

Appleton's Sustainable College Garden

Professor of Environmental Studies at Lawrence University Jeff Clark talks about university gardens that put food on the tables in dining halls. Students grow vegetables and compost food prep waste, maintaining environmentally friendly gardens.

Growing Late Season Veggies Using Germination Blankets

Travel to Middlebury Hills CSA Farm near Barneveld and learn about planting fall vegetables in warm weather using germination blankets.

Aronia - A Hardy Superfruit

Aronia has long been used as an ornamental shrub in the landscape.  Now it turns out to be highly edible, tasty and nutritious.  We visit Carandale Farm in Oregon where Dale Secher is doing research on a number of non-traditional fruits.  Aronia is one of the winners.

Plant Profile Basil

Host Shelley Ryan profiles the herb basil with guest Diane Bober of Green Woman Herbs in Mineral Point. The focus will be culinary basil in its many sizes, shapes and colors.

Organic Gardening at Nugensis Farm

Near Delafield at NuGenesis Farm, we get an update on the latest organic gardening techniques for the home gardener. Erin Silva shows us how to prevent fungal diseases while eating healthy ourselves.

Growing An Edible Wall

The vegetable garden isn't just that square in the backyard anymore. Mark Dwyer of Rotary Gardens in Janesville demonstrates how to combine functionality with beauty in big and small spaces. Possible choices for an edible wall include nasturtium, hibiscus, Society Garlic, bronze fennel, parsley, scented geranium, hot peppers, Swiss chard, "Pesto Perpetuo" basil and "Black Pearl" pepper.

Apple Trees/Planting Bare Root

Join Horticulturist Teryl Roper as he explains the basics of bare root planting and shows a variety of dwarf apple trees.


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