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Featured Herbs: Lovage and Sage

Step into the kitchen with Shelley as she prepares a dish using sage and lovage--a plant with a strong flavor much like celery.

From Garden to Kitchen

Join Old World Wisconsin's Karen Keene to learn how heirloom veggies were actually used in the 19th century.

Garlic Mustard

Cynthia Harrington shares a strategy to assist backyard gardens that are being choked by an incredibly fast-moving invasive weed called garlic mustard. She suggests you eat it!

Mediterranean Cooking

The Casbah Restaurant Owner/Executive Chef Sabi Atteyih shares the Mediterranean vegetable-rich dish Mahashi with Shelley Ryan. Atteyih also demonstrates how to create stuffed grape leaves using homegrown Wisconsin grape leaves.

Cooking with Ornamentals

Join Chef Rafe Montello from "We’re Cooking Now" as he prepares a Swiss chard and egg dish then glazes beets for a delicious, healthful meal.

Violet Jelly

Viroqua gardener Stephanie Ames shares her heirloom recipe for violet jelly.

Using Peppers and Herbs in Vinegar

In Neenah, visit Colleen's Tough Times Vinegars to explore peppers beyond the conventional use. Find out how to create flavored vinegars using peppers, herbs and even fruit.

Growing Peppers

University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Horticulturist Jim Nienhuis shares his favorite peppers for Wisconsin and his passion for breeding them. He also reveals some pepper roasting secrets.

Cooking With Lettuce

Madison chef Rafe Montello demonstrates lettuce uses in soups, Asian wraps and more.

Herbal Chutneys, Salsas, and Herb Butters

In Green Bay, meet restaurant owner Susan Beno who prepares herbed butters, chutneys and savory salsas. Shelley Ryan's favorite is an orange salsa containing a delightful mix of oranges, lemons, green olives and parsley.


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