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The Artful Gardener: The Legacy of Jan Wos

The late Jan Wos shared his talents and passions with the Wisconsin Gardener.  Join Shelley Ryan for this tribute and a look back at Jan’s creative uses of junk, painting in picture frames and pairing wine and chocolate with plants.  Janusz Kuzma, Jan Wos's right-hand man, discusses the future of the Mayflower Greenhouse in Hobart.

How to Grow a Dinosaur Terrarium

Many ancient plants are easy to grow in terrariums.  At Olbrich Botanical Gardens learn how to make a dinosaur terrarium.  It’s a great project for kids, or those of us who still like to pretend we’re kids.

The Ancient Japanese Art of Flower Arranging: Ikebana

Ikebana is the Japanese art of arranging flowers in accordance with rules and principles set over many centuries.  The first Ikebana school was established in the 1500s, yet it continues to thrive today as an exquisite floral art.

How Not to Take Care of Container Plants

Jan Wos addresses common mistakes many of us make in the garden – sinking a root-bound plant into a larger container without loosening the roots, improperly maintaining hanging baskets from season to season and pruning Hibiscus standards completely wrong.

Container Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

Bring hummingbirds to a deck or porch by creating containers with bird-attracting flowers. Jan Wos from Mayflower Greenhouse shares his experience and recommends a few plants, such as Cuphea cigar, various Salvia plants, hibiscus, Gartenmeister fuschia, "Angel Earrings," "Bellfire" begonia, Vinca "Illumination" and others. Learn the basics of caring for container gardens as well.Bring hummingbirds to a deck or porch by creating containers with bird-attracting flowers.

Outdoor Winter Pot Arrangements

Plant cold tolerant plants in your empty window box and enjoy them all winter.   Gary Shaw of Winterland Nursery in Fitchburg demonstrates how to turn an empty window box into a work of art.

Getting Started with Bonsai

Join Wisconsin Bonsai Nursery's Tim O'Rourke as he shares tips on the art of creating bonsai.  O'Rourke attempts to capture something wild or ideal in nature with his plants.

Make Your Own Garden Trough

Join Ed Glover, a member of the North American Rock Garden Society, as he demonstrates how to make a concrete trough.

Pots with a Past

Visit a modern-day pottery studio in Rockdale where pots from the past are still being made.

Creating Great Containers

Gardener Jan Wos shows how to choose the best container plants and turns household items into beautiful planters at the Mayflower Greenhouse in Green Bay.


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