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Tabletop Fountain

Shelley Ryan learns how to bring the outdoors in. At Mineral Point art studio Sharon Stauffer makes an indoor tabletop fountain.

Fake Rock Containers

In Mt. Horeb, rock gardening enthusiast Ed Glover shows how to create a lightweight container that looks like it's made from solid rock.  They are durable, lightweight and more practical than real stone.

Faerie Furniture

Tatiana Katara of Mineral Point transforms pruned sticks and twigs into delicate furniture using a glue gun and cloth.

Creating a Picture Frame Garden

Jan Wos, owner of Mayflower Greenhouse in Green Bay, demonstrates how to create a picture frame garden and paint with plants.

Plants that Go With Wine and Chocolate

In Green Bay, Shelley Ryan creates gorgeous containers using plants that complement the colors of wine and chocolate. Jan Wos from Mayflower Greenhouse in Green Bay shows how it's done.

Planting a Birdhouse Rooftop Garden

Using succulent plants, sedums and moss, Jan Zaborski from Winter Greenhouse in Winter, Wis., shows how to plant a rooftop garden on top of a functional birdhouse.

Indoor Woody Arrangements

Shelley Ryan learns how easy it is to create winter arrangements with plants and found objects from Ann Walker at Homeland Garden in Madison. Walker's creations include a bouquet of red popcorn, a miniature forest and a poinsettia vignette.


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