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Creating An Engish Wattle Fence

Learn how to make an old English-style wattle fence with Shelley Ryan and Susan Churchill. It's the perfect accent for any garden.

Making a Whimsical Garden Statue

Create a whimiscal garden man out of pieces of wood.  Woodworker Mike Donnell of Merrimac shows us how from the Woodlanders Gathering in Mineral Point.

Creating a Willow Garden Tower

Learn  to make a willow garden tower with John Schakel from Spring Green during the Woodlanders Gathering in Mineral Point.

Creating with Dried Flowers

Create autumn wreaths and garlands using dried leaves flowers and nuts from the garden with Waunakee artist Mitzi Kust.

Building A Living Playhouse

Create a wonderful playhouse out of concrete reinforcing wire covered in leftover prunings or vining plants.  It's a perfect hideaway for children.

Grafting Trees

Jeff Epping of Olbrich Gardens demonstrates how to create trees from pruning cuttings in a process called tree grafting.

Fall Decorating With Natural Materials

Celebrate harvest traditions by learning how to create a fall wreath at Monches Farm. Floral designer Johanna Klecker shows how to bring a little bit of the outdoors in even when the weather cools.

Dying With Herbs

Larry Schmitt shares the process of dying silks with plants, herbs and other natural products. One can wander through the pantry, the kitchen, the grocery store or the backyard to find ingredients for these dying experiments.

Fall and Winter Containers

In Green Bay, Jan Wos shows how to create wonderful container gardens for fall and winter. His motto is, "If it doesn't move, plant it." Wos has personally filled a grand piano, gold bags and suitcases with riots of plants. In this segment he tones it down a notch with more practical planting containers.

Concrete Leaves

Make beautiful concrete leaf sculptures with host Shelley Ryan and David Calhoon of Swanstone Gardens in Green Bay. Calhoon shows that it's easy for all!


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