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Carving a Pumpkin While It's Still on the Vine

Discover this interesting pumpkin carving technique.  Dr. Astrid Newenhouse demonstrates how to  decorate a pumpkin still on the vine.

Making a Garlic Braid

Store your garlic in a fun and unusual way.  Peg Whiteside demonstrates how easy it is to create a garlic braid.

Making Your Own Living Wreath

Sue Steinmann of Arena Designs shows us how to make a living wreath from succulent plants with as few as 40 cuttings.

Making Seedflowers

Learn how to make decorative seed flowers at Old World Wisconsin. It is one of the gentile arts popular during the Victorian era.

A Stained Glass Garden

Sturgeon Bay Master Gardener Karin and Mike Overbeck show off their garden at the Everygreen School, built in 1905.

Creating A Willow Trellis

Learn the basics of making a willow trellis with Susan Churchill, who creates trellises and willow furniture from nature.

Creating With Gourds

Create gifts and unique decorations with gourds from your garden.  UW-Extension Soil Scientist Sherry Combs shows how to grow and decorate wild gourds.

Pots with a Past

Visit a modern-day pottery studio in Rockdale where pots from the past are still being made.

Garlic Mustard

Cynthia Harrington shares a strategy to assist backyard gardens that are being choked by an incredibly fast-moving invasive weed called garlic mustard. She suggests you eat it!

Gourd Gifts

Learn tips to create works of art and great birdhouses from home-grown gourds with the expertise of Madison gourd artist, Marty Ottem.


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