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Shelley Ryan Farewell

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan announces her final season hosting The Wisconsin Gardener.

An Artful Shade Garden - Long and Narrow

Doug and Barbara Henderson faced a challenge when they started gardening on their property on Green Bay. It was long, narrow and steep all the way down to the lake. But by combining shade plants, found objects and glass art, they created a garden worth visiting. Their narrow, steep property is now a haven for hostas and art.

The Artful Gardener: The Legacy of Jan Wos

The late Jan Wos shared his talents and passions with the Wisconsin Gardener.  Join Shelley Ryan for this tribute and a look back at Jan’s creative uses of junk, painting in picture frames and pairing wine and chocolate with plants.  Janusz Kuzma, Jan Wos's right-hand man, discusses the future of the Mayflower Greenhouse in Hobart.

Creating a Simple Japanese Flower Arrangement

Learn how to create a simple Ikebana flower arrangement at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens with Ikebana instructor Kazuko Bressler.

The Ancient Japanese Art of Flower Arranging: Ikebana

Ikebana is the Japanese art of arranging flowers in accordance with rules and principles set over many centuries.  The first Ikebana school was established in the 1500s, yet it continues to thrive today as an exquisite floral art.

Creating a Mosaic Garden Stake

There's an easy way to make your garden beautiful.  Put a mosaic garden stake out where the sun will shine right through it.  You don't have to water it or even fertilize it.  We'll take a trip to the Vinery and learn how to make one of our own.

Decorative Bird Treats

Professional gardener Tibbi Light talks about creating decorative bird treats that brighten winter landscape and attract birds to your yard.

Garden Label Choices

Make your own garden and tree labels that will survive the seasons with these suggestions from Jim Sellmer.

Design and Create a Hanging Basket

Learn how to create a simple hanging basket.  Olbrich Botanical Garden's Jeff Epping provides step by step instructions.

Making a Broom from Broom Corn

Create a broom out of broom corn.  Loury Huesman, a volunteer at Schumacher Farm in Waunakee, demonstrates the process from combing the seeds out of the corn to tying the string.


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