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Native Prairie Plants

Visit with Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery near Westfield, Wisconsin and learn how prairie plants provide nutrition for birds and beauty for gardeners.

A Woody Landscape For Birds

Visit with Landscape Architect Lisa Walters as she explains how defining specific goals set the groundwork for this Whitefish Bay garden.

The Ultimate Garden

Join award winning photographer and nature writer George Harrison for tips on attracting birds to your own back yard.

Protecting From Wildlife

Join Wildlife Extension Specialist Scott Craven as he explains how to attract desirable wildlife into your backyard and how to keep the pests away.

A Butterfly Garden

Plant a butterfly garden.  Peggy Lison's Madison garden includes prairie plants and weeds that attract butterflies and wildlife.

The Ridges Sanctuary

Steve Leonard, Director of Ridges Sanctuary in Bailey's Harbor in Door County, introduces Shelley to a nature preserve with incredibly diverse flora and fauna.

A Whimsical Garden

Cheryl Keeffe, a Bluff Country master gardener and a doll maker, found creative ways to deer-proof her garden and added tons of surprising elements. Plant selections includes miniature hostas, bamboo, shrubs and trees, miniature ferns and roses. Other hostas include Cousa Regal, Lady Isabel, the Royal Standard and Jurassic Park.

Raising Cecropia Moths

Shelley Ryan visits Stuart Baker who raises cecropia moths. They are strikingly beautiful and cause no harm to the garden.

Childrens Garden at Green Bay Botanical Garden

Director of Horticulture Mark Konlock gives Shelley Ryan a tour of the Gertrude B. Nielsen Children's Garden at Green Bay Botanical Garden. The Peter Rabbit garden features a child-sized shed and fun-to-touch plants like kohlrabi and cosmos. Other child-friendly plantings include a maze, weeping mulberries, tall grasses and Rattlesnake Master. The pond hosts a collection of turtles and frogs.


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