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An Old Fashioned Country Garden

Discover why Richard Kilmer uses old-fashioned plants like clove currant and fern-leaf peonies to expand his family's gardens and create a lovely country garden. This Wonewoc garden is also home to chickens and a wildflower pigpen.

Radler's Roses

Bill Radler, a rose breeder and the former director of Boerner Botanical Gardens talks about his award-winning "Knock Out," bred with Wisconsin growing conditions in mind.  Beautiful color, long-lasting blooms, disease resistance, delicate scent and fall foliage all make "Knock Out" a winnng plant.

Creating A Habitat For Hummingbirds

Attract hummingbirds with food, water and nesting sites. Ina Lukas from Blooming Valley Nursery near Spring Green suggests a few techniques for success. Stick with native plants. Plant in masses. Add plants with cup-shaped leaves. Provide perching areas and nesting materials. Hummingbirds are sure to visit.

An Urban Hummingbird Garden

Learn about hummingbird life cycle and what they like to eat from Kathi and Michael Rock, renown experts in hummingbird gardening. Hundreds of hummingbirds can be seen in their garden. Kathi shows how to attract them with plants like Nicotiana mutabilis, "Blue Anise Sage," Salvia azurea, "Cardinal Flower," honeysuckle, "Red Morning Glory," "Orange Jewelweed" and "Policeman's Helmet" impatiences.

Container Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

Bring hummingbirds to a deck or porch by creating containers with bird-attracting flowers. Jan Wos from Mayflower Greenhouse shares his experience and recommends a few plants, such as Cuphea cigar, various Salvia plants, hibiscus, Gartenmeister fuschia, "Angel Earrings," "Bellfire" begonia, Vinca "Illumination" and others. Learn the basics of caring for container gardens as well.Bring hummingbirds to a deck or porch by creating containers with bird-attracting flowers.

Creating A Garden For Butterflies

Ina Lukas, one of the owners of the Blooming Valley Nursery, shows how to create a habitat for butterflies. Providing food, water and shelter is the key. Plants of the milkweed genus, verbena bonariensis and butterfly bush serve as sources of food, while trees and grasses protect butterflies from extreme heat and sun during "roosting," the rest period that lasts for up to 14 hours each day.

Native Prairie Plants for Birds

Discover a great diversity of colors, textures, and heights with Neil Diboll, president of Prairie Nursery near Westfield.

Decorative Bird Treats

Professional gardener Tibbi Light talks about creating decorative bird treats that brighten winter landscape and attract birds to your yard.

Critter Damage

Join wildlife ecologist Scott Craven for advice on preventing wildlife from damaging your garden during the winter.   Learn what steps you can take to keep your plants from becoming deer, rabbit and vole food.

Plant Folklore

Join Dane County Parks Naturalist Wayne Pauly as he shares stories about rattlesnake master, compass plant,  spruce gum, cup plant and mullein.


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