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From Liquor Bottle to Water Bottle - Chicago, Illinois
Ira David pedals along The Windy City's magnificent lakefront and downtown neighborhoods.


11:00 am
The Buttermilk Belt
Vivian discusses buttermilk at Maple View Dairy and tries to shoot a Christmas card picture.
11:30 am
You Are So Goudaful, to Me
"Righteous Cheese" is a shop that is all about pairing good food, good drinks and good company.
12:00 pm
That Uncertain Feeling
Commercial-free films, from true classics made during Hollywood's Golden Age to more recent instant classics, that you want to watch again and again.
1:30 pm
Chloe befriends an unusual tramp (Hugh Bonneville) and learns that there is more to him than meets the eye â or nose â in this family comedy.
2:30 pm
Visit charming markets in festively decorated cities and towns in Germany, France and Switzerland.
3:00 pm
Junk in the Trunk 4, Part 2
Great appraisals include a collection of 1898 Mardi Gras invitations and Julia Child's copper pans.