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Richard Croft once again portrays Gandhi in Philip Glass' unforgettable opera.


4:00 am
UW-Milwaukee chancellor Mark Mone discusses Gov. Walker's proposed $300 million budget cut.
4:30 am
Should nations negotiate with terrorists? Plus a look at the attorney general confirmation hearing.
5:00 am
Stress-Free Quilting With Machine Embroidery, Part 1
Piece quilt blocks using a combination of machine embroidery and techniques from paper piecing.
5:30 am
Waist Slenderizing
Miranda Esmonde-White presents a total-body workout that combines tai-chi, yoga, ballet, physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques, as well as stretches for a variety of muscles and ligaments.
6:00 am
Just How Much Energy Is Out There?
Alan Carroll, Professor, Department of Geoscience, UW-Madison, discusses how long our fossil fuel energy supplies will last, how much costs to secure the energy, and the consequences of burning fossil fuels.
7:32 am
The Battle of Midway
Dick Campbell, Aviation Historian, shares the story of the World War II Battle of Midway. This battle involved numerous aircraft carriers from both the American and Japanese sides. The daring and skill of the U.S. Naval leaders and the air crews resulted in a military victory, changing the course of the war. This lecture was recorded at the EAA AirVenture Museum.