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A look back at the life and career of actor James Garner, who died July 19, includes a 2002 interview.


12:30 am
Susan Happ talks with Frederica Freyberg about why she wants to be the next attorney general. Plus, reports on the June unemployment figures, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's new anti-poverty plan and disaster relief for counties still reeling from the harsh winter.
6:00 am
Biology, Business and the Brain
William A. Linton, Chairman & CEO, Promega Corporation, Fitchburg, reflects on his life, focusing on why he started Promega Corporation.
6:45 am
Five Steps to a Successful Prairie Meadow
Neil Diboll explains how to create a backyard prairie garden or a large prairie meadow.
7:41 am
Problems With the Cosmic Fuel Supply
Aleks Diamond-Stanic, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Astronomy, UW-Madison, discusses the importance of cosmic fuel.
8:28 am
Monitoring and Supporting Children With Cerebral Palsy
Ruth Benedict, Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, UW-Madison, provides an overview of the classification systems and assessment tools for determining functioning level of children with cerebral palsy.
9:00 am
High-Five Sandwich/The Robot Problem
WordGirl must team up with Tobey to defeat a bunch of evil potato-fueled robots and save the city!