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Zac Schultz talks to U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson about the turmoil in Iraq and gets the latest poll results from Marquette Law School Poll Director Charles Franklin.


6:00 am
The Photography of Witness
How photographic images are used to record personal narrative, document conflict, capture a cultural landscape, and share the human experience.
7:16 am
Wisconsin's Wild Bees
With the decline in honey bee populations, can the 500 species of native bees living in Wisconsin fulfill our food needs?
8:00 am
Wheel Fever
Norman interviews the authors of âWheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycling State.â
9:00 am
It's Your Party and I'll Cry if I Want To/Becky's Bad-itude
Becky doesn't get invited Katy's birthday party, but she must save the party from Toby's robots.
9:30 am
Who Moved My Bone/Clifford the Pirate King
Clifford tries to make peace between Cleo and T-Bone, who have a dispute about a bone. Then, Clifford helps the kids prepare for a "Treasure Island" theme party.
10:00 am
Top of the Sky/Jiggle Bones
Nick and Sally launch a rocket into the sky and find it in Audrey the Astronaut's space station.