Mental Exercises and Positive Aging - Ep. 457

Richard Davidson, Director, Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, UW-Madison.

Richard Davis discusses his research into how individuals may train their brains and cultivate positive emotional responses to stimuli. He also explains how he channels this research into the context of aging.

Mutualism and Pathogenesis - Ep. 452

Heidi Goodrich-Blair, Professor, Department of Bacteriology, UW-Madison.

Heidi Goodrich-Blair discusses the molecular basis of symbiotic associations between bacteria and invertebrate animals. She explains this concept within several planes, from the cellular level to the evolutionary level.

A Link Between the Rumen and Milk - Ep. 447

Elizabeth French, Research Assistant , Department of Dairy Science, UW-Madison.

Elizabeth French discusses the concept of rumen fatty acids in milk and the microbiology of the rumen themselves. She also highlights some new research on these fatty acids.

Modern Neuroehabilitation - Ep. 440

Yuri Danilov, Senior Scientist, Department of orthopedics, UW-Madison.

Yuri Danilov shares his research of the brain and the neuron, it's most sophisticated element.

Is Vitamin D the Fountain of Youth? - Ep. 438

Neil Binkley Department of Medicine and
Institute on Aging, UW Madison.

Neil Binkley delves into the history and health benefits of Vitamin D. Find out which foods contain Vitamin D and how the way foods are prepared can change the amount.

Wisconsin's Changing Insects - A view from the Diagnostic...

Phil Pellitteri, Distinguished Faculty Associate, Insect Diagnostic Lab, UW Madison.

Phil Pellitteri discusses how changes in climate, invasive non-native insects, and land use patterns are all responsible for bringing new insect species into Wisconsin. He talks about some of the new insect residents in the state and their impact.

The Skeleton Bridge Archaeological Site - Ep. 434

Kent Dickerson, Field Coordinator for the Wisconsin Historical Society Museum Archaeology Program.

Kent Dickerson shares archaeological discoveries from late Paleo-indian through late woodland eras at the Skeleton bridge site on the banks of Daggets Creek in Winnebago County, Wisconsin.

The Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool - Ep. 429

Gregg Vanderheiden Ph.D., Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, UW-Madison.

Gregg Venderheiden highlights an analysis tool that allows web producers to identify and fix content that could invoke seizures in people with photosensitive seizure disorders. He also talks about building access directly into the internet infrastructure to address physical accessibility issues.

Adventures in Agricultural Development in Africa - Ep. 425

Dr. Jeremy Foltz, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

Dr. Foltz talks about his recent work in Mali studying agricultural technology innovation and adoption. He presents some recent successes and on-going challenges in increasing agricultural production and food security in West Africa in light of the recent run-up in world food prices.

Raw Milk Consumption - Ep. 426

Scott Rankin, Department of Food Science.

The consumption of raw milk has been a controversial issue since pasteurization was first discovered. Passionate devotees actively proclaim multiple health benefits from consuming raw milk. Those charged with ensuring a safe food supply display equal passion and certainty. How will the "Dairy State" navigate through the issue of raw milk consumption?


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