Living Solar in the Suburbs – Ep. 764

Bruce Johnson, the technical director for “University Place” on Wisconsin Public Television, discusses the process he went through to install solar power panels on his house, shows how to meter the generated electricity, and discusses the advantages of driving an electric car.

The Bugs Have Gone Crazy – Ep. 762

Phil Pellitteri, a faculty associate in the Department of Entomology at UW-Madison, explores the relationship between unusual climate events, such as the recent drought, and the bugs that are being spotted around the state.

The Geologic Story of Four Lakes - Ep. 748

David Mickelson, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Geology & Geophysics at UW-Madison, shares the geologic story of Lake Mendota, Glacial Lake Wisconsin, Indian Lake and Devil’s Lake.

World Wide Network of Lake Researchers – Ep. 742

Luke Winslow, a research assistant at the Center for Limnology at UW-Madison, explains how his research, which focused on building buoys to collect data in lakes and ponds in Wisconsin, has become a global network.

The Future of the Allen Centennial Gardens – Ep. 741

Ed Lyon, the outreach specialist in the Department of Horticulture at UW-Madison, talks about the future of the twenty-year-old garden. Lyon focuses on the rejuvenation of the existing gardens and how to deal with invasive plants.

Living in Antarctica - Ep. 738

Reina Maruyama and Mark Krasberg, assistant professors in the Department of Physics at UW-Madison, discuss their research trips to Antarctica with University Place Presents host Norman Gilliland. Maruyama and Krasberg talk about the seasonal conditions in Antarctica, working at the IceCube Observatory, and their search for sub-atomic particles called neutrinos.

Summer Chemistry Extravaganza - Ep. 737

Bassam Shakhashiri, Rod Schreiner and Jim Maynard, from the Department of Chemistry at U-W Madison, and Todd Hammes, a percussionist, composer and teacher, present science fun, featuring the science behind fireworks, liquids, gases, color, light, music and more.

Sound and Word Learning with Cochlear Implants - Ep. 734

Jan Edwards, a professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders at UW-Madison, discusses sound and word learning in children with cochlear implants.

Clinical Perspectives on Cochlear Implants – Ep. 735

Melanie Buhr-Lawler, a clinical associate professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders at UW-Madison, Jennifer Ploch, a senior clinical audiologist in the Division of Otolaryngology in the UW Department of Surgery, and Michelle Quinn, a clinical associate professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders at UW-Madison, discuss the clinical perspective of cochlear implantation.

Panel Discussion on Cochlear Implants – Ep. 736

Ruth Litovsky, a professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders at UW-Madison and Samuel Gubbels, an assistant professor in the Division of Otolaryngology at the UW Dept. of Surgery, moderate a panel discussion on cochlear implants. Panel participants include implant recipients and their families: Sharla Benson, Carol Benson, Carol Burns, Josh Reiher, Chris Roy, Jen Roy and Joseph Roy.


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