The Role of Community Foundations in Building Civil...

Kathleen Woit, President, Madison Community Foundation.

Kathleen Woit discusses the changes to the concept of philanthropy, explaining how it has moved from just fund raising to a concept based more in community foundations.

Building Civil Society Through the Non-Profit Sector -...

Barry Gaberman, Senior Vice President (ret.), The Ford Foundation.

Barry Gaberman looks at the concept of philanthropy in the context of civil society, focusing first on individual philanthropy. He goes on to discuss organized philanthropy as well as corporate philanthropy.

Understanding Public Attitudes Toward Controversial...

Dominique Brossard, Associate Professor, Department of Life Sciences Communication, UW-Madison.

Dominique Brossard asserts that the lack of support for science and scientific innovations can be traced to attitudes toward technology, lack of knowledge on the part of the lay person, the institutions and people providing information and media coverage.

Darwinism & Intelligent Design - Ep. 242

Elliott Sober, Professor, Department of Philosophy, UW-Madison

Elliott Sober dives into the political controversy of the evolution vs. creationism by explaining a little bit of philosophy as well as history of each perspective.

Belle and Bob La Follette: Partners in Politics

Bob Kann, Storyteller, Lecturer, and Author

Bob Kann discusses the lives of Belle and Bob Follette and talks about their partnership in the political world.

Conversations from Penn State: Temple Grandin - Ep. 501

Temple Grandin, PhD., Professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University and Advocate for individuals across the autistic spectrum.

Temple Grandin opens a window into the autistic world in an interview with "Conversations from Penn State" host Patty Satalia. Grandin talks about her childhood, how her mind works and the HBO movie based on her autobiography.


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