Rampant Abuses in Russia - Ep. 542

Tanya Lokshina, a Russia researcher at Human Rights Watch, examines modernization and discusses human rights defenders in Russia. Russia appeared to improve its standing on the international arena by expanding its cooperation on human rights issues with international institutions and delegations. However, the human rights climate in the country remains hostile.

The Truths We Tell: Reporting on Faith, War and the Fate...

Anthony Shadid, Foreign Correspondent, The New York Times

Anthony Shadid speaks on the war in Iraq from the position that the war is far from over. He emphasizes the common theme of unintended consequences resulting from United States actions as well as stressing that responsibility should be taken. He predicts the fate of not only our troops, but Iraq in general.

Entrepreneurs in Documentary Filmmaking Ep. - 510

Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson, Epidavros project

Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson explore innovative methods to inform, educate, and catalyze people, to think about issues in new ways through documentary film making

A Nuclear Iran - Ep. 500

Andrew Kydd, Associate Professor of
Political Science, UW Madison

Andrew Kydd gives an update on the status of Iranian nuclear programs, their civil and potential military applications and the state of international negotiations over the question of a nuclear Iran.

Violence, Restorative Justice and Human Rights - Ep. 601

Janine Geske, a Distinguished Professor of Law at Marquette University, and Scott Straus, associate professor of political science at UW-Madison, consider the role of restorative justice in the U.S., emphasizing reparation to victims and community members, and justice after atrocity in Africa.

Conversations from Penn State: Allen Sack - Ep. 503

Allen Sack, Professor, Sports Management, University of New Haven, Author.

Allen Sack joins "Conversations from Penn State" host Patty Satalia to discuss his contention that amateurism in college sports is a myth. Sack talks about what has gone wrong with intercollegiate athletics and what can be done about it.

Nuclear Weapons and the History of Modern America - Ep. 459

Jeremi Suri, Professor, Department of History, UW-Madison.

Jeremi Suri delves into the history of nuclear weapons and politics, explaining how it all happened and its lasting affect on American policy and diplomacy. He also explores how this has affected domestic thought.

Youth Activism and Civic Engagement - Ep. 454

Carole MacNeil, Consultant, MacNeil Associates, Denver Colorado.

Carole MacNeil shares some of the knowledge she's developed through her work in youth civic engagement and
its role in building a civil society.

Why Estonia Should Exist - Ep. 450

Maria Ogrydziak, Chair, Board of Directors, U.S.-Baltic Foundation.

Maria Ogrydziak explains the importance of Estonia's independence from Russia since 1991, also offering a brief lesson on the history of this small, Baltic republic.

Victor Berger - Ep. 436

Ryan Swadley, Wisconsin Historical Museum.

Ryan Swadley discusses the history of socialism and the part Victor Berger played in the socialist movement in Milwaukee in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


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