The Impact of Health Care Reform – Ep.664

Kevin Hayden, the president of State Sponsored Business at Wellpoint, delves into the history of Medicaid; why it was enacted, whom it serves, and what is covered.

Humor and Other Healthy Living Practices - Ep. 605

Robert McGrath, the coordinator of the Mind/Body Wellness Services at the University Health Services, UW-Madison, discusses positive psychology--how we can live in good, healthy and positive ways. He introduces the pathways to a happy life, a good life and a meaningful life.

Conversations to Have with Your Doctor - Ep. 472

Steve Barczi, associate professor, Dept. of Medicine - Geriatrics and Gerontology , UW-Madison.

Steve Barczi offers options for individuals looking to live healthy, happy lives as they age into their 70s, 80s and 90s. He also provides new information and advice for wellness, speaking specifically on technological advances for cardiac health.

Resilience In the Face of Later Life Challenges - Ep. 461

Carol Ryff, Professor, Department of Psychology, UW-Madison.

Carol Ryff explains the concept of resilience in aging and how we can work to achieve this as the years pass through prevention as well as recovery.

How to Increase our Healthy Cognitive Lifespan - Ep. 456

Craig Atwood, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine - Geriatrics; UW-Madison.

Craig Atwood discusses age-related dementia, including its stages, symptoms and causes. He also goes on to describe ways researchers are now trying to help halt this and other types of cognitive decline.

Health Care Access: Community Needs and Approaches that...

Barbara Snell, CEO of University Community Health Centers, Vanderbilt University.

Barbara Snell offers insight into how the two different communities of Madison and Nashville adopted new and innovative ways to address health care access within the last 10 years.

Late-in-Life Mood Disorders - Ep. 445

Suzanna Waters-Castillo, PhD Department of Professional Development, UW-Madison.

Suzanna Waters-Castillo shares up-to-date findings on understanding late-in-life mood disorders, focusing specifically on depression and anxiety.

Vaccines: Can You Imagine Public Health Without Them -...

Dr. Peter Shult, Director, Communicable Disease Division and Emergency Laboratory Response, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Dr. Shult provides a broad overview of vaccines including the history of and scientific rational for their development and use and their critical role in controlling a number of infectious diseases of public health importance in developed and developing countries.

Chasing Ghosts: Risk, Resilience, and Disaster in...

Rick Keller, Associate Professor, Department of Medical History and Bioethics, UW-Madison

Professor Rick Keller takes a deeper look into the extraordinary heat was that hit central Europe, most specifically France, in August of 2003. The daytime highs were 105-120 degrees Fahrenheit. The problem was nighttime lows were still as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in death and destruction.

Stephen Babcock, E. B. Hart, and the Wisconsin - Ep. 345

David Nelson Academic Program Director, UW-Madison

Vitamins, dietary health, nutrition as a science... it all goes back to the University of Wisconsin. Academic Program Director, David Nelson, shares Babcock and Hart's contributions to science. Together, Babcock and Hart encouraged and inspired a generation of nutrition researchers, including Harry STeenbock and Conrad Elvehjem.


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