The Power of the Liberal Arts

Thomas Pleger, President of Lake Superior State University, explores the Wisconsin Idea and its roots in a broad education in the arts, sciences and humanities. Pleger discusses a culture and economy that is the direct result of broadly educated citizens.

College Savings: Small Savings, Big Dreams

Chelsea Wunnicke, Family Living Agent at Richland County UW-Extension, explores the tools available to help you save for your child’s higher education costs. Wunnicke offers savings options for parents and grandparents.

Promote Health and Prevent Obesity

University of Wisconsin Extension Family Living, 4-H, Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program and the Wisconsin Obesity Prevention Network specialists report on their work to provide nutritional information to families and youth and to encourage increased activity levels.

Panel on Race, Children and Privilege

Community experts participate in a panel discussion to answer questions about race and privilege inequity in their work with young children, how inequity is addressed within their work and what a future of race and privilege equality looks like.

Making Literature Come Alive For Children

Rob Reid, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education Studies at UW-Eau Claire, models storytelling techniques designed to engage children in the story you are reading to them. Reid shares his list of favorite read out loud books.

Youth Development Is Community Development

Matt Calvert, Specialist, Youth Development, UW-Extension, explores the advantages of encouraging young people to get involved in their towns and villages. Calvert presents a study of the school-aged youth in Florence, WI and how their involvement made a difference in their town.

Children Are Not Colorblind

Erin N. Winkler, Professor and Chair, Africology Department, UW-Milwaukee, explores how children form ideas about race, what children learn and when they learn it.

Women in Higher Education and Intercollegiate Athletics

Kristina Navarro, Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Coaching, UW-Whitewater, explores the relationship between women’s athletics and higher education. Navarro provides an historical perspective of women in athletics dating back to ancient times.

Technology and Environmental Education

Justin Hougham, Director, Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center, introduces high-tech, mobile instruments which can be used to measure various elements of the environment. These devices allow students to participate in research, connects them to ongoing research and inspires them to interact with the environment.

Gender Equality in Higher Education

Myra Marx Ferree, Professor, Department of Sociology, UW-Madison, delves into opportunities for females and gender politics within universities. Ferree shares her research of German gender politics with a global perspective.


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