Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Crisis Management Ep. 574

Catherine Hooper, president of Black Umbrella, discusses how her history as an entrepreneur led her to develop a crisis preparedness business. Hooper shares examples of the two traits you must have in order to become a successful entrepreneur--you need to take risks and you need to be fearless.

Financing the Small Business - Ep. 569

Keith Baisden, senior vice president at M&I Bank in Milwaukee, explains the process a small business must follow to secure a loan. Baisden discusses the importance of having a business plan as a important first step.

Public Policy and Entrepreneurial Thinking - Ep. 561

Katherine Sydor Graduate Project Assistant, LaFollette School of Public Affairs, UW-Madison, focuses on public entrepreneurialism--the generation, translation and implementation of new ideas into the public sector.

The Story of Great Wolf Resorts - Ep. 559

Kim Schaefer, CEO of the Great Wolf Resorts, discusses the company's business model and shares the core values: respect, integrity, accountability, competency and teamwork.

Building a Business and Crafting the Artist in You - Ep. 551

John Roach, president of JRP Inc., shares his journey from working with major corporations such as ABC, CBS and the Marriott Corp. to building his own video and film production company.

Sweatshops or Fair Trade - Ep. 546

Dennis Dresang, professor emeritus at LaFollette School of Public Affairs, UW-Madison, discusses the process the university went through in deciding which company will produce sports and fan apparel. One aspect they take into consideration is the working conditions of the manufacturing facilities where the clothing and sportswear are made.

35 Years of Electronic Theater Controls - Ep. 544

Fred Foster, the CEO of ETC in Middleton, offers a frank view of what is involved in establishing and running a company. Foster shares the triumphs and missteps he has made over the course of thirty-five years as an inventor and manufacturer of lighting equipment.

Wisconsin Economic Forecast 2011: Scott Walker - Ep. 538

Governor Scott Walker

Newly elected Governor Scott Walker lays out his economic plans to grow the 2011Wisconsin state economy. He discusses his strategy to bring new businesses to Wisconsin from out of state.

Wisconsin Economic Forecast 2011: Narayana Kocherlakota -...

Narayana Kocherlakota, President of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Dr. Narayana Kocherlakota compares how the recession of 2007-2009 would have unfolded if the Federal Reserve Bank didn't exist to the Frank Capra classic, "It's a Wonderful Life." He focuses on real gross domestic product, unemployment and inflation.

A New Theory of Everything: Climate, Energy, and the...

James Pawley, professor emeritus in the UW Department of Zoology, explains the need for a new theoretical basis for complex systems such as climate, energy and the economy. During the Industrial Revolution, science gained a reputation for mathematical accuracy and precision. We have entered the Age of Chaos where accurate predictions are impossible and, therefore, we must create a new theory.


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