Building Sustainable Demand for Beef

John Freitag, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Beef Council, explores a more customer-oriented beef industry and discusses the results of the Consumer Beef Index. Consumers are looking for beef that is great tasting, safe to eat and always tender.

Wisconsin Local Food Consumer Survey Results

Laura Witzling Research Assistant in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UW-Madison, and Bret Shaw, Associate Professor in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UW-Madison, discuss the results of a survey focusing on the willingness to purchase local foods even if consumers would need to pay a premium for those foods.

Update on the Beef Industry

Brenda Boetel, Extension Economist at UW-River Falls, focuses the role the economy and the weather play in the supply and demand for beef. High corn and grain prices lower the supply whereas a depressed economy lowers the demand for beef both at home and at restaurants.

How Arts Contribute to Community Vitality

Lynn Richie, President of Land O'Lakes Arts, and Wendy Powalisz, Program Director of Land O'Lakes Arts, discuss the business model of the arts center, introduce the programs they offer and share the importance of providing an artistic outlet in the community.

College Savings: Small Savings, Big Dreams

Chelsea Wunnicke, Family Living Agent at Richland County UW-Extension, explores the tools available to help you save for your child’s higher education costs. Wunnicke offers savings options for parents and grandparents.

Vilas by the Numbers

Matt Kures, Community Development Specialist at the UW-Extension Center for Community Development in Madison, explains the uses of economic and demographic data to analyze the economic strengths and weaknesses of a community. Kures focuses on Vilas County and compares the data to other Wisconsin counties.

The Role of the Arts in Economic Development

Anne Katz, Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin, shares her journey as an advocate for the arts. Katz focuses on the mission, vision and purpose of Arts Wisconsin, an organization that focuses on making the arts the center of life and learning throughout the state.

An Evening with Alex Blumberg

Alex Blumberg, Entrepreneur and Former Producer at National Public Radio, shares his experiences moving from a job as a non-profit journalist to becoming the CEO of Gimlet Media, a for-profit company, and what he learned along the way about storytelling. Blumberg is a former co-producer of NPR’s “This American Life” and “Planet Money.”

Community Food Access Through Farmers Markets

University of Wisconsin Extension experts in horticulture and nutrition education join to discuss how to address the nutritional needs of the community through farmers markets. The panel provides information about the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) program which enables vendors to accept FoodShare and Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) payments.

Heart & Soul: A Roadmap to a Thriving Community

Gabrielle Ratté Smith, Senior Associate for Strategic Partnerships at the Orton Family Foundation, shares stories of three communities that have been transformed and are flourishing by intentionally focusing on community involvement.


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