Developing A Small Business: The Fundamentals - Ep. 498

Neil Lerner, Director, Small Business Development Center

Neil Lerner talks about developing a small business, business planning and issues to think about if you plan to open your own business.

Entrepreneurial Thinking in Financing Public Universities...

Mike Knetter,incoming President and CEO, University of Wisconsin

Mike Knetter discusses the circumstances that are facing public universities today and the need for entrepreneurial thinking in financing higher education.

A Conversation With George Gialamas Ep. 489

George Gialamas, developer, The Gialamas Company

George Gialamas explains his road as an entrepreneur in developing his own real estate business. He also discusses the necessary attitude and steps one must take in order to start a successful business.

Youth Activism and Civic Engagement - Ep. 454

Carole MacNeil, Consultant, MacNeil Associates, Denver Colorado.

Carole MacNeil shares some of the knowledge she's developed through her work in youth civic engagement and
its role in building a civil society.

The Scope of Civil Society and Community Benefits - Ep. 442

Barry Gaberman, Senior Vice President (ret.) The Ford Foundation.

Barry Gaberman focuses on the topic of civil society, expanding on what he says is its importance to those who work in and outside of this sector.

The Dane County Infant Mortality Rate - Ep. 417

Dr. Thomas Schlenker, MD, Director of Dane County/City of Madison Public Health
Paul Soglin, Former Mayor, City of Madison

Director of Madison Public Health, Dr. Thomas Schlenker, and the former Mayor both address most dramatic decline in African-American infant mortality rates in Madison history. The decline took place between 2000 and 2007.

The Rules of Sustainability - Ep. 606

David Morris, co-founder and vice president of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, discusses the importance of designing local rules to promote community sustainability, including sustainable energy production and consumption.

From Haiti to Rwanda: Engineering Innovations - Ep. 411

Stephanie Whitehorse and Giri Venkataramana introduce Bhavna Sharma, Eyleen Chou, and Paul Fossum, three engineers who are working on revolutionizing housing in developing communities as well as improving the living conditions in third world countries while promoting efficient use of resources all around the world.

Employee Owned Organizations - Ep. 409

Jan Nichols, HyVee Retail Recruiting Specialist
Patrick Kaeding, Manager of Perishables, Madison HyVee, Inc.

Jan Nichols and Pat Kaeding present the history of Hy-Vee, their five fundamentals, and discuss their profit sharing program structure throughout their office and stores.

What's Driving My Car? 2050 Biofuels and Other...

Tim Donohue, director, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center and Professor of Bacteriology, UW-Madison

Tim Donohue sheds light on where we
currently get and how we use our energy and how it flows from the suppliers to the us. He also spends time on the topic of biofuels and how he sees their importance in the context of capturing and utilizing renewable energy sources.


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