Working Smarter Not Harder in an Apple Orchard

Mario Miranda Sazo, Extension Associate at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Lake Ontario Fruit Program, offers strategies for apple growers which could help maximize their crop output. Sazo suggests staying organized, prioritizing your tasks and creating a vision for the future of your orchard.

Wisconsin Local Food Consumer Survey Results

Laura Witzling Research Assistant in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UW-Madison, and Bret Shaw, Associate Professor in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UW-Madison, discuss the results of a survey focusing on the willingness to purchase local foods even if consumers would need to pay a premium for those foods.

Achieving Excellence in Dairy Farming

Gordie Jones, Managing Partner at Central Sands Dairy LLC, focuses on ways to restructure the farm to maximize milk production in dairy cows. Jones discusses the ideal temperatures for cattle and the type of stall that will help the cows produce the most milk.

Update on the Beef Industry

Brenda Boetel, Extension Economist at UW-River Falls, focuses the role the economy and the weather play in the supply and demand for beef. High corn and grain prices lower the supply whereas a depressed economy lowers the demand for beef both at home and at restaurants.

Composting Animal Carcasses

Adam Hady, Agriculture Agent at UW-Extension Richland Center, discusses the proper disposal of dead animals’ carcasses. Hady focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of composting and explains the procedures for successful carcass composting.

Attracting and Raising Monarch Butterflies

Gae Bergmann, Master Gardener at the Dodge County Master Gardener Association, discusses how to attract monarch butterflies by planting milkweed. Bergmann explains the life stages of the butterflies and provides information for creating a habitat that attracts the insects.

The Use of Livestock Guard Dogs for Cattle

Michael Marlow, Wildlife Biologist at the USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services, provides a history of the use of dogs to protect livestock from predators. Marlow discusses the pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to use guard dogs.

Integrated Predator Damage Management

David Ruid, Supervisory Wildlife Biologist at the USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services, discusses non-lethal techniques and preventative methods for controlling grey wolves and other predators. Ruid provides an historical perspective of how farmers have tried to keep their livestock safe and explores the impacts on both the environment and on the cattle.

Windy Drumlins Aquaponics

Mark Krause, Chief Environmental Officer at Windy Drumlins, offers suggestions for living a sustainable lifestyle. Krause discusses the use of aquaponics, the cultivation of fish and plants in one integrated system, at his farm and its use as a means of sustainable food production.

What to do When Your Garden is Sleeping

Carrie Hennessy, Horticulturist and Landscape Designer at Johnson's Nursery in Menomonee Falls, shares what professional gardeners do in the winter while waiting to plant gardens in the spring.


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