Good Handling Skills and Dairy Cow Comfort

Katy Proudfoot, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University, addresses ways to identify and measure the level of comfort in a dairy cow. Proudfoot identifies risk factors and offers suggestions for creating an environment that provides optimal comfort.

Ten Common Landscape Mistakes

Jeff Moyer, Owner of Moyer's Inc., explores ten of the most common mistakes people make when creating their landscaping and offers solutions to the problems. Moyer recommends focusing on the big picture, taking the topography of the site into account, and connecting the indoors to the outdoors.

Three-Season Mushroom Garden

Lindsey Bender, Mycologist at Field and Forest Products, provides a basic introduction to different types of mushrooms and discusses how to cultivate fungi indoors, in a compost pile and underneath garden vegetables.

Livestock Stewardship

Heidi Carroll, Extension Associate at South Dakota State University, discusses the shift from scientific control over animal care to individual responsibility. Carroll delves into the public’s perceptions of the ethical treatment of cattle.

Invasive Plant Identification and Control

Kelly Kearns, Invasive Plant Coordinator at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, focuses on plants that were originally planted as ornamentals, but which took over in their new environment. Kearns discusses how to identify and control these invasive plants in gardens and natural areas.

The Beekeeper’s Year

Richard Schneider, Owner of Capital Bee Supply, follows the cycle of beekeepers and their bees through a typical year. Schneider discusses how bees survive in the winter, follows their journey through the spring, summer and fall, and explains what the beekeeper does throughout the year to keep them healthy.

The Ecological Garden

Benjamin Futa, Director of the Allen Centennial Gardens at UW-Madison, explores the concept of ecological gardens and emphasizes relationship within the garden. Futa defines ecological gardening as “recognizing and harnessing natural systems and synergies in garden design and maintenance.”

Managing Pain in Youngstock

Sandy Stuttgen, Agriculture Educator at Taylor County UW-Extension, and Sarah Mills-Lloyd, Agriculture Agent at Oconto County UW-Extension, discuss the use of antibiotics on farms, and the dehorning and tail docking of cattle.

Growing and Marketing New Varieties of Apples

Tom Ferguson, CEO of Ferguson's Orchards, LLC, focuses on a new variety of apple created from a Honeycrisp apple seed named the Pazzaz™ . Ferguson discusses harvesting, storing and marketing the apples.

Corn Rootworm Resistance Management

Bryan Jensen, Entomologist in Integrated Pest and Crop Management at UW-Extension, discusses how to control corn rootworm using the integrated pest management which includes beetle scouting and root evaluation.


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