PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest

On Saturday, June 1, families from across Wisconsin came to the Sun Prairie Public Library to celebrate Wisconsin’s winners of this year’s PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest.  The first place winning stories have been sent to Washington, DC, for judging in the national contest, along with winning stories from PBS stations all over the country.  Here’s a glimpse at our first place winner in each grade.

Six-year-old Jayden from Madison wrote the Kindergarten winning story, “Rain Forest Adventures.”  “Rain Forest Adventures” recounts a trip to the Amazon rainforest and all the exciting animals there.  Sweetly, Jayden’s story starts and ends with a hug for his little brother.  

MaKayla from Hayward wrote “My Sister, the Angel.”  MaKayla’s story won first place in the first grade contest.  MaKayla’s story recalled happy memories with her little sister before her little sister went to heaven and became an angel.

Sawyer from Manitowoc won the second grade contest for his story, “The Missing Owl.”  In Sawyer’s story, two friends visit the zoo to see the five owls there.  Owls are their favorite animal.  On this visit, though, one of the owls is missing!  After telling the zookeeper, Jake and Alex become detectives to find the beautiful bird.  After some sleuthing, the boys discover the owl in a nearby tree.  After telling the zookeeper where the missing owl is, the zookeeper rewards the friends for being the best detectives with a year pass to the zoo.

Ella’s story, “A Sea Voyage of a Lifetime,” won first place for third grade.  Ella is nine years old and lives in Green Bay.  “A Sea Voyage of a Lifetime” two dolphin best friends, Naia and Makai, decide to undertake an 8,000 mile swim from California to Hawaii.  Along the way, they see krill and orcas.  The journey is a success and the two friends stay in Hawaii to rest before returning home. 

Congratulations to all who entered!

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