Entrepreneurialism in Society

The Wisconsin Idea - Ep. 625

Katherine Sydor, a graduate project assistant at the Center for Nonprofits at UW-Madison, explores the Wisconsin Idea. She delves into the history of the relationship between the UW-System and the citizens of Wisconsin.

Developing Products that Serve Multiple Interests - Ep. 623

John McHugh, the Vice President of Corporate Communications for Kwik Trip, discusses the business model for the convenience store chain. People, food and vertical integration are the key factors of the model.

A Conversation with Cathy Dethmers - Ep. 620

Cathy Dethmers, owner of the High Noon Saloon in Madison, discusses the problems she faced opening the High Noon Saloon after her first tavern and music venue, O'Cayz Corral burned down.

The Culver's Story - Ep. 580

Craig Culver, CEO of the Culver's Custard franchise, shares his history, the mistakes he's made along the way and his secrets for success in the frozen custard and butter burger business. An entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the job are an integral part of his success.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Crisis Management Ep. 574

Catherine Hooper, president of Black Umbrella, discusses how her history as an entrepreneur led her to develop a crisis preparedness business. Hooper shares examples of the two traits you must have in order to become a successful entrepreneur--you need to take risks and you need to be fearless.

Financing the Small Business - Ep. 569

Keith Baisden, senior vice president at M&I Bank in Milwaukee, explains the process a small business must follow to secure a loan. Baisden discusses the importance of having a business plan as a important first step.

Public Policy and Entrepreneurial Thinking - Ep. 561

Katherine Sydor Graduate Project Assistant, LaFollette School of Public Affairs, UW-Madison, focuses on public entrepreneurialism--the generation, translation and implementation of new ideas into the public sector.

The Story of Great Wolf Resorts - Ep. 559

Kim Schaefer, CEO of the Great Wolf Resorts, discusses the company's business model and shares the core values: respect, integrity, accountability, competency and teamwork.

Building a Business and Crafting the Artist in You - Ep. 551

John Roach, president of JRP Inc., shares his journey from working with major corporations such as ABC, CBS and the Marriott Corp. to building his own video and film production company.

35 Years of Electronic Theater Controls - Ep. 544

Fred Foster, the CEO of ETC in Middleton, offers a frank view of what is involved in establishing and running a company. Foster shares the triumphs and missteps he has made over the course of thirty-five years as an inventor and manufacturer of lighting equipment.


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