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Rebecca from Stevens Point, WI

Rebecca participated in Week 4: Batter, and attempted the Churros Challenge. Let's see how they did!

How do you rate your baking performance?

It's not pretty, but it’s edible.

Give your batter creation a name — and tell us about your recipe.

Coffee Creme-Filled Churros with Chocolate Espresso Ganache. It took making three different recipes and throwing two batches in the bin before I was able to get a fried churro that wasn't just dough on the middle.

Now that you’ve survived The Great British Baking Show’s first-ever batter challenge, what words of wisdom can you share?

Ahhhhhh, I wouldn't have chosen churros if I knew the troubles I would encounter. And to think I shied away from the Lace Pancakes because I thought they would take too much time! I wanted to give up after batch #2, but I was so invested by that time, I couldn't quit.

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist.

Wisconsin's very own Colectivo coffee was used to flavor the creme filling. This was the best part of the churro!