Week 9: Pie

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Week 9: Pie

Starts: Monday, August 21, 2017

Ends: Sunday, August 27, 2017

We are breaking from convention this time and transforming this week’s challenge from patisserie to pie. 

Everyone loves pie — and we couldn’t bear the thought of going all summer without baking one. But don’t think we forgot about our beloved Great British Baking Show friends: We did incorporate some inspiration from this week’s episode since pie crust is a type of patisserie.


Week 9: Pie Challenges

You only need to select one to participate.

Signature Challenge — Curry Puff
Prepare a mini pie consisting of the savory filling of your choice in a baked pastry shell.

Technical Challenge — Cherry Pie
A Wisconsin favorite! Cherries are harvested in Door County at the end of July, so see if you can land yourself some fresh, local cherries to use.
Showstopper Challenge — Cheesecake
Okay Cheeseheads, this one is for you! Go for the classic or add additional flavors if you would like.
Get ready Wisconsin … B-A-K-E!
How to participate in The Great Wisconsin Baking Challenge: 

Each week, we’ll issue three baking challenges based on the upcoming new episode of The Great British Baking Show — this way you’ll have a chance to test yourself against the show's contestants as you watch. However, you will only have to select one of our three challenges to bake. Then we'd like you to add a "Wisconsin twist" to your recipe or decoration. Be creative!
Once you have completed your challenge, we'll want you to share your baking story with us by filling out our form that will appear on this page between August 21 and August 27. Don’t forget to photograph your results! 
We will review all the baker submissions and publish them here. And each week, we'll select six people as our Featured Bakers! Don't worry. We're not judging your creations. We just want you to have some fun in the kitchen this summer by trying some new recipes and adding a Wisconsin touch!
Questions? Email us anytime: submissions@wpt.org

We are currently not taking submissions for this challenge.