Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week starts today in the U.S.  There are lots of ways to recognize the hard work that teachers do throughout the year.  A heartfelt note from you and your child is always well-received.  Focus on specific things the teacher has helped your child with, or a special memory of your child’s favorite part of her days in class.

Teachers spend, on average, $998 of their own money every year on school supplies.  If you’d like to give a tangible gift, a gift card to help with those expenses would be much appreciated. 

To foster a positive and productive relationship with your child’s teacher all year long, check out these articles from PBS Parents on building your parent-teacher partnership, and talking with teachers.







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What is the
Learning Triangle? 

Use this simple three-step process at home or in an educational setting.

View: TV

Use the magic of Wisconsin PBS Kids to spark your child's sense of curiosity and love of learning.

Do: Activities

Transform educational ideas into concrete, hands-on experiences for children.

Read: Books

Make connections between what you view and what you read.


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