Supporting Your Learner

Parents play an important role in helping their children become successful and effective learners, but knowing when and how to help can often prove challenging. When do we step in to help with homework and when to let them work through the problems themselves? How can we help them get the most out of their school day and their educational experiences?

PBS Parents has collected advice from experts – on the Parent’s role in the process (by being a role model for learning, for example), on when and how to help with homework (by setting up a good, distraction-free space to work), and how to deal with the “tough stuff” (when they get frustrated or make mistakes). Read more and learn additional tips here

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What is the
Learning Triangle? 

Use this simple three-step process at home or in an educational setting.

View: TV

Use the magic of Wisconsin PBS Kids to spark your child's sense of curiosity and love of learning.

Do: Activities

Transform educational ideas into concrete, hands-on experiences for children.

Read: Books

Make connections between what you view and what you read.


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