Sesame Street's 44th Season Premiere

Season 44 of Sesame Street premieres on WPT on Tuesday, September 17 at 8:00am!  This season continues the show’s long tradition of tackling current issues that are relevant to preschoolers and school readiness. Self-regulation is a set of critical skills for preschoolers that affects children socially, behaviorally and academically. Unfortunately, children often begin kindergarten without important skills, such as being able to follow directions, stay on task with focused attention and regulate their own emotions using concrete strategies. In fact, kindergarten teachers view self-regulation as being more essential for school readiness, than academic skills, such as counting or recognizing letters. Yet, they report that over half their students start school lacking good self-regulation abilities. In the short term, this affects school readiness. In the long term, poor development of self-regulation is linked with aggressive behavior, low academic achievement, delinquency and higher dropout rates.

“Cookie’s Crumby Pictures” is a brand new segment that parodies the coming attractions of popular movies and reinforces the show’s self-regulation curriculum. For 44 years, Cookie Monster has struggled with intermittent success to consciously control his thoughts, actions and emotions. Through seven hilarious spoofs, including “Life of Whoopie Pie,” “The Spy Who Loved Cookies,” “Les Mousserables” and “The Hungry Games,” we’ll see Cookie Monster attempt to master executive function skills — a key component of self-regulation. He’ll display self-control (try not to eat the cookie), delayed gratification (eat the cookie later), flexible thinking (think about something else so you don’t eat the cookie), working memory (remember a strategy that worked before to keep from eating the cookie) and task persistence (being motivated to not give up while waiting to eat the cookie). Along with Cookie Monster, children will also learn about identifying and managing emotions and empathy.

As always, Sesame Street is filled with hysterical moments for both children and their caregivers. This season’s spoofs include: “Homelamb,” a spoof of the television show Homeland where the sheep agents try to discover if Brody is or is not the Big Bad Wolf by comparing him to a picture of a real sheep. In “Sons of Poetry,” a spoof of the television show Sons of Anarchy, The Sons of Poetry help finish a poem by coming up with words that rhyme with “blue.”

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