Pen Pals

In a world of emails, texts, and Twitter, learning to write a hand-written note is a skill that doesn't get practiced often these days.  Communicating with a far away friend can help kids learn and develop writing skills with the added benefit of learning about life in another part of the world.  PBS Parents has some great ideas for finding a pen pal and writing the perfect pen pal letter.

The first step is to find a pen pal.  Maybe a friend has moved overseas (or even one state away!) and has children similar in age to your child.  Or you could go multi-generational and connect your child with an Aunt or Uncle who they don't get to see often.  

Help your kids come up with ideas of topics to write about, such as what they're doing at school or a favorite book they read recently.  Let them be creative and add drawings or stickers to their note- It can help "make it their own" and keep them interested in the project.  

Help them address the envelope correctly to make sure it reaches its destination, and you're ready to go!

You can read the complete article for more information and ideas at PBS Parents.

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