PBS KIDS Writers Contest

2016 Winners

First Place: Lauren Solves a Mystery, by Lauren T.

Story Award: Henry Finds a Horse, by Kyliana C.

Illustration Award: Stella: The Harebow Stealing Dog, by Madison W.

Honorable Mention: Busses, by Randy C.

First Place: The Mess Up, by Eavie H.

Story Award: Back in Time, by Davin G.

Illustration Award: The Magical Blizzard, by Maria D.

Honorable Mention: Pancake's Walk, by Lucy K.

First Place: Daisy & Ralph: Runaway Recess, by Arianna B.

Story Award: The Invisible White Tiger, by Tessa W.

Illustration Award: Alligators in the Pumpkin Patch, by Duncan H.

Honorable Mention: Henry the Harbor Seal, by Juliana B.

Honorable Mention: The Cat Family Adventure, by Micaiah S.

First Place: The King and the Banana, by Ember Y.

Story Award: Monkey & Madi, by Madi A.

Story Award: The Great Escape, by Kristin S.

Story Award: Help!, by Olivia H.

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