Neighbor Day with Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood will be premiering a brand new episode on Labor Day, Monday, September 2 at 12:30 on WPT!  "Neighbor Day" is a half-hour musical special in which Daniel learns just how good it feels to be neighborly - and that one kind act can lead to many more.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Neighbor Day in your community!

  • Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt!*
  • Have a neighbor game day: fly kits, play hopscotch, or jump rope.
  • Have a potluck meal at a park or central location.
  • Have a sidewalk chalk art event.
  • Have a neighborhood clean-up day!  Pick up litter, pull weeds, or plant flowers
  • Help each other with yard work or small home repairs.
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter or soup kitchen.

Have a Happy Neighbor Day!

*Download a printable neighborhood scavenger sheet here! There's also a "Hi Neighbor" coloring sheet that your kids can color and give to neighbors.

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