The Lunchbox Life

Packing a healthy lunch that your kids will actually eat can be a challenge- Especially when you have to do it day after day throughout the year.  PBS parents has some great ideas to shake things up and add some new and interesting options to your child's lunchbox!  Try a sandwich-free lunch, with lots of finger foods: cut up veggies, fruit, pita chips, a hard boiled egg, cheese and salami slices...  Or maybe they'd like leftovers!  Pasta salad, cold pizza, or a thermos of chili!  Check out the full list at!

Do your kids need help remembering to empty that half eaten sandwich from their lunchbox? Check out Sid the Science Kid's Mystery Lunchbox game, where kids can watch what happens to a forgotten lunch as days pass by. 

Want to get really creative?  Try a Bert sandwich!

Bert sandwich from Oregon Public Broadcasting
Image courtesy of Oregon Public Broadcasting


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