Loving the Library

This week, librarians from across Wisconsin gathered in Green Bay for the Wisconsin Library Association conference.  Libraries are constantly updating and refreshing their services, and today they are so much more than just books.

The website I Love Libraries says:

"If you’re looking for the heart of any community, look no further than the local library. It’s the one place in America where the doors are open to everyone, whether you’re

  • filling out an online job application or using resources to help you pass your job certification exams;
  • sitting in a school library media center learning skills to prepare you for a lifetime of learning in our digital world or a grandmother learning to e-mail your grandson overseas;
  • studying for college exams or living somewhere where the library provides your only access to education beyond the high school level;
  • researching your past or looking for citizenship and a new home in America;
  • the richest person in America, or someone without a home,

the library is there for you. It is America’s great equalizer, providing everyone the same access to information and opportunities for success."

As Wisconsin heads into winter, check out your local library for great activities for the whole family or a place to cozy up with a good book!


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