Let's Go Camping

Tired of being inside in the bitter cold? Longing for summer? Dust off that cooler and dig out those sleeping bags! We're going camping!

This weekend take your family camping...indoors! Preparation can be as simple or as detailed as you want, but here are a few ideas: make a pan of smore bars; cut out stars and hang from the ceiling; build a pretend fire out of cardboard tubes and tissue paper; pack a cooler with camping food and drinks. Check out camping books from the library - a few favorites include "Olivia Goes Camping," "Curious George Goes Camping," and "S Is for S'more: A Camping Alphabet."

Get the family together. Move aside the furniture in the living room. Put up a tent if you have one, otherwise blankets over a table works well, too. Bring sleeping bags or blankets to sit on. Turn off the screens. Sing campfire songs. Tell stories. Read books by flashlight. Fall asleep under the "stars" dreaming of adventures to come.

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