KidsVote, too!

It’s Election Day, time for people all over Wisconsin to make their voices heard! 

Wisconsin Public Television is giving kids the opportunity to get in on the action with KidsVote 2012! The winning candidate -- either Daniel Tiger or Word Girl -- will be featured in a block of special programming on Friday, November 23, starting at 9:00 a.m. on WPT. Visit the KidsVote website to cast a ballot online or visit your local library to fill out a paper ballot and drop it in the KidsVote ballot box! Voting ends today with the winner announced at the end of next week.

Not sure how to talk to your kids about the importance of elections in a democracy? Check out the PBS Kids Democracy Project page where your child can become President for a day or step inside a voting booth! While visiting the library to cast a KidsVote ballot, pick up Duck for President by Dorreen Cronin or Clifford for President by Acton Figeroa and Tom Lapadula for a different look at the election cycle.

Polls are open now -- for both grown-up voters and KidsVote voters! Adults can find information about where to vote, read candidate profiles, follow ongoing coverage throughout the day, and get election results at Kids can find out the results of KidsVote 2012 by visiting the KidsVote page or following WPT on Facebook!


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