Kids in the Garden

Warm weather has finally arrived in Wisconsin and all the greys and browns of winter are starting to turn to beautiful shades of green.  One way to take advantage of the gorgeous weather is to start a garden with your child.  This article on PBS parents shares a story from gardening expert Sharon Lovejoy. She showed a group of children a carrot and asked them where it had come from. One said the market. Another guessed a truck. They were amazed that it grew from a tiny seed!  Share the magic of growing with your kids by starting some seeds this spring.  The article shares great tips for getting started, even if all you have room for is one small potted plant.  The experience of digging in the dirt and watching a seed grow into a beautiful flower or a delicious vegetable is invaluable for kids. 

If you want to grow a larger garden but don't have a good space for it at home, look around for a community garden in your area.  A partial list of gardens is available here, and you can also check with churches, city or county parks, or schools in your area.  Some schools have gardens that need volunteers to help tend them during the summer when school is not in session.  Whether it's a marigold in a pot on your deck, or a huge vegetable garden, gardening is a great way to get kids outdoors and moving.

For a quick and easy way to get started, try out this lima bean investigation from Sid the Science Kid. Get growing!

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